We hear that singer Justin Bieber decided to munch on Nando's Peri-Peri before his show at the Verizon Center Monday night.

A restaurant source tells Yeas & Nays that someone from Bieber's party was sent to pick up the food order at Nando's Chinatown location and that the order was actually put under the name Justin Bieber.

Bieber's munchies didn't come close to the monstrous amount Nicki Minaj's entourage placed when she was in town in July. (If you recall they ordered 165 chicken wings, fries, rice, garlic bread, coleslaw, caesar salad and 25 orders of corn on the cob).

Instead, the Biebs ordered chicken sandwiches with lemon and herb sauce and 20 chicken wings of medium spice. In the past, Rihanna and the band One Direction have also patronized the chicken chain.