Pop stars filled the crowd during Monday's inaugural festivities. Cyndi Lauper was seen walking around the presidential podium, while Katy Perry sat in the front section of seats with her beau John Mayer. Perry hid behind a gigantic pair of sunglasses, refusing to talk to fans or press, a Yeas & Nays spy reports. Marlon Wayans signed autographs and posed for pictures a little farther back. Baseball Hall of Famer Hank Aaron attended the ceremonial swearing-in with his family.

Later in the day Paula Abdul, Lynda Carter, John Leguizamo, Star Jones and Evan Handler were spotted at Old Ebbitt Grill as part of Third Way's Inaugural Parade Watch Celebration.

Before Monday's festivities, Mayer dined at Blue Duck Tavern on Sunday, a spy told Yeas & Nays. He ate with newsman Brian Williams and his daughter, "Girls" star Allison Williams. Perry joined the group later in the evening. Gayle King dined alongside them, accompanied by two women.