As his restaurant empire continues to expand, Chef Mike Isabella continues to attract those associated with "Top Chef," the show that made him a household name among foodies. Isabella's Graffiato entertained two members of the "Top Chef" alumni network on Sunday.

First, during brunch, Lindsay Autry, of "Top Chef: Texas," came in with two friends. They sat on the first floor and ordered flatbread, caesar salad, asparagus, broccolini, baked egg, chicken, gnocchi, octopus and sweetbreads all off the Booze & Bites menu.

Later that evening, Candice Kumai, who appeared on the first season of "Top Chef" and wrote books including "Cook Yourself Sexy" and "Pretty Delicious," also dined on the first floor of the Chinatown Italian place with three friends. They enjoyed broccolini, beets, caesar salad, fusilli, halibut, scallops, nettle gazpacho, sweetbreads and Farmer Charlie's pizza. Kumai was wearing a blue-and-white striped maxi dress.