Georg Holm, bassist for Sigur Ros, is fluent in English, which led him to the unenviable role as the main spokesman for the band in English-speaking countries.

And heÕs been fielding almost nonstop questions from journalists curious to hear why the hauntingly ethereal music from IcelandÕs most popular rock band Ñ as Rolling Stone brilliantly noted, Òdefinitely not one for the Miley crowdÓ Ñ stalled for a few years until the band released ÒValtariÓ last year.

ÒWe just tend to move slowly toward something new,Ó said Holm, who then referenced a quote by the Talking HeadsÕ David Byrne, who likens talking about music to dancing to architecture. ÒI think weÕll definitely not be waiting as long as we have been in the past. WeÕre really excited [about this album]. We want to continue.Ó

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Although Holm only noted that a new album would come fairly soon, there have been news reports that another Sigur Ros album may be released this year, even as the band plays and is expected to pack major venues Ñ including New YorkÕs Madison Square Garden Ñ during this North American tour. Suffice to say, fans seem exuberant to rekindle their relationship with the rockers. ThatÕs not surprising when you consider the bandÕs now legendary 1999 album, ÒAg¾tis byrjun,Ó made it to No. 27 on the CMJ Charts almost completely due to word of mouth from its loyal fan base and major rock critics. Its 2002 album, Ò(),Ó is the first album not sung in English to hit No. 1.

ItÕs not that Holm, and presumably his bandmates, arenÕt pleased with the international success of their music. ItÕs just that they have a different benchmark, an artistic one, for which they strive when they make music.

Still, Holm confirmed a quote posted on the bandÕs official website that ÒValtariÓ is the only album the band has recorded that he listens to for pleasure when heÕs home.

ÒAnything you do, you know, you get tired of it at some point. At least I do,Ó he said of his reluctance to indulge in his own recordings. ÒThatÕs the catalyst for working on new music. ItÕs kind of funny because there was no meeting where we said weÕd make a new record. It is more like every time we get together, we create new music. I guess we are a strange band. We love writing, and we love creating. That is what keeps us interested.Ó