Fox TV's hit, “The Simpsons,” turned the whole Sunday episode over to liberal-conservative politics, portraying Republicans as vampires who rig elections and poking fun at New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's weight.

In one scene, the Arnold Schwarzenegger character said Christie “thinks GOP means ‘Gravy On Pancakes.’ ”

In another scene, a gaggle of GOP elders, including a vampire, talk about rigging an election to help a conservative Hispanic character played by actress Eva Longoria beat self-described liberal Lisa Simpson in a race for second grade representative.

In the episode titled "The Kid Is All Right," Democrats take their hits too, especially when Lisa Simpson dreams about politics and presidential losers Michael Dukakis, John Kerry and Walter Mondale appear. Bill Clinton also is one of the “ghosts” who talks so much Lisa drifts back to sleep.

Politics often get a mention on the Simpsons, but rarely is it the main topic of the show.

Several blogs and Twitter users noticed it, with many calling the show boring and too political.

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