Several photos of this flag, raised above the tornado wreckage in Moore, Oklahoma wreckage were shared on Twitter early this morning.

“US Marines just found this US Flag buried in the rubble. They raised the flag just now,” reported the Weather Network’s Jaclyn Whittal.


Flag just raised above an early morning search for victims in Moore, OK,” tweeted Jason Allen of the Dallas – Fort Worth CBS affiliate.


“Navy guys tell me that the flag -they guess from someone’s home- was raised like this when they got here,” reported TIME’s Jay Newton-Small. 


“The flag raised over the rubble of Moore,” – Stormchaser Mark Robinson

Other flags were raised above the tornado rubble, including this one from the Plaza Towers elementary school.

“A symbol of the #Moore community’s resilience through tough times– the American flag back up at Plaza Towers,” reported FOX-25 Reporter Priscilla Luong.


“An Oklahoma flag hangs above the rubble near Plaza Towers in #Moore. Through it all– the state is still standing,” Luong added.