On "Morning Joe" Tuesday morning, the slightly thinner Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., dodged 2016 presidential speculation by announcing that he would not wear a Speedo swimsuit on the Fourth of July.

“I can announce I’m not wearing the Speedo on the Fourth of July, that’s something I’m happy to announce,” Christie joked after MSNBC’s Willie Geist pressed the governor for his political aspirations.

Christie has reportedly lost 40 pounds since he underwent lap-band surgery earlier this year.

Later in the show, Christie explained that during a visit Jersey Shore on Monday he was approached by several young women on the beach for pictures.

“This is the hardest part about being governor,” Christie joked. “I had more young women coming up from the beach to come up and take pictures with me.”

Christie explained that he joked with another man on the beach during the impromptu photo shoot, telling him that it was the best part about being governor.

“You know, you have to have fun in this job and that’s what I do,” Christie added, reminding the "Morning Joe" crew that they were welcome to come back to the Jersey Shore anytime.

“No Speedos though,” he added.