Americans are all talk when it comes to supporting brands that promote the environment, according to a new poll.

While a pinch more than half, 51 percent, said they care that big name brands are trying to help the environment, just 32 percent said they’d spend more for those brands, behind consumers in India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and even China.

A new Ipsos poll of 18,503 worldwide put the United States below the average in both categories: caring about green products and paying for them.

“Respondents are more likely to agree they value brands’ environmental efforts than they are to agree they would pay more for environmental products in every country surveyed,” said Ipsos.

But there was one exception, and it wasn’t green-obsessed America. In China, 52 percent said they care about brand efforts while 58 percent said they pay more for products from green companies.

From Ipsos:

Those most likely to agree they care about the efforts of brands to help the environment are from: Argentina (70%), Mexico (68%), Indonesia (66%), South Africa (62%), Germany (60%), India (60%), Turkey (60%) and Brazil (59%). Those in the middle of the group of countries on agreement are from: Italy (54%), Canada (52%), China (52%), South Korea (52%), Australia (51%), Norway (51%), Spain (51%) and the United States (51%). Those least likely to agree are from: Sweden (50%), Saudi Arabia (49%), France (46%), Great Britain (46%), Hungary (46%), Belgium (45%), Russia (44%), Poland (38%) and Japan (17%).

Those most likely to agree they would be willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products are from: Indonesia (59%), India (59%), China (58%), Turkey (54%), Argentina (52%), Mexico (50%), Brazil (50%) and Saudi Arabia (43%). They are followed by those from: Norway (42%), South Korea (41%), Sweden (41%), South Africa (40%), Germany (35%), Canada (32%), the United States (32%) and Russia (32%). The bottom third is comprised of: Hungary (30%), Italy (29%), Australia (29%), Spain (28%), France (27%), Great Britain (26%), Belgium (25%), Poland (22%) and Japan (13%).

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