Angered by what they believed was meager spending by establishment Republicans on Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli’s losing effort, some Tea Party groups and supporters have been assailing the Republican National Committee today in statements and on talk radio.

“The GOP establishment,” said the Tea Party Patriots, “left him out hanging to dry.”

Added, “If the Republican Party had given Cuccinelli half the resources it had given to Virginia gubernatorial candidates in the past, last night would have been a win."

At least two other Tea Party groups also slammed the RNC for spending $3 million on Cuccinelli and helping him with his get out the vote effort, but nothing more.

And several have retweeted this: “In 2009, the RNC spent $9M to win VA by 17 points. Looks like it'll have spent $3M in 2013 to lose by a hair. Dummies.” Washington Tea Party went further in a tweet: "WHO NEEDS TO REMOVED NOW? @BarackObama WHO NEEDS TO BE REMOVED IN 2014? ALL @TheDemocrats AND ALL THE @GOP LEADERS SIMPLE 'TRUTH' "

But according to a donor search, none of those groups gave any money to the Republican or made independent expenditures for Cuccinelli, who lost by 2.4 percentage points to Democrat Terry McAuliffe, raising cries of hypocrisy from Republican associates who argue that Tea Party groups sold out their candidate.

Several other independent groups did spend on Cuccinelli ads and other expenses, among them:

- Americans for Prosperity, funded by Koch Industries, which spent $967,731 on TV ads.

- Citizens United, which spent $359,629 on TV ads.

- The National Rifle Association, which spent $549,000 for Cuccinelli.

- Common Sense Virginia PAC, which spent $294,692.

- Focus on the Family, which spent $158,808.

– ForAmerica, which contributed $74,165 to Cuccinelli.

– The Susan B. Anthony List, which spent $800,000 on Cuccinelli’s behalf.

Some GOP associates note that the Republican Governor’s Association is the traditional campaign funder, not the RNC, and it coughed up about $8 million for Cuccinelli, more than the Democratic Governor’s Association did for McAuliffe. These critics, however, wrongly think funding is the RNC’s job, said a GOP advisor.

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