One-time Washington Redskins part-owner Mortimer Zuckerman has joined those who think the offensive word in the team’s name isn’t “Redskins.”

The U.S. News & World Report and New York Daily News owner suggests that to keep the dignity of the team’s name, owner Daniel Snyder ought to remove “Washington.”

Discussing his brief partnership with Snyder as a ‘Skins part-owner, Zuckerman, most known for his real estate empire and Boston Properties REIT, addressed a Washington Post question about the name controversy.

Q: Should the Redskins change their name?

Zuckerman: You have to be empathetic to people who are insulted by the name, and I certainly am. But it’s been such a part of Washington for so long, I don’t think it has the sort of implication, the denigration or the diminution that some people might suggest. And my view is, if you want to change the name because of that, take out the name Washington.

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