"Saturday Night Live" alum Bobby Moynihan admitted this last season of the late-night comedy sketch show was "the hardest year easily" of his nine-year tenure on the program.

"I felt like I was on one show for eight years and another for one year," Moynihan said at a Television Critics Association press event in Los Angeles on Tuesday. "It was a completely different machine last year, took on a whole different level."

When Moynihan announced his departure from the long-running comedy show in May, it took many fans by surprise, particularly since SNL's ratings were at a 20-year high thanks to candidate and then President Trump.

"You get so used to never sleeping and writing all night long, and I made it through eight years of this, thinking this can't get any worse," Moynihan said. "And then, all of a sudden Trump happens."

The cast were often workshopping a brand new cold open the day the material was due to air if Trump "did something nuts," Moynihan recalled.

But Moynihan, who is set to appear on upcoming CBS series "Me, Myself & I," said the season was also one of his favorites.

"My first episode was the first time Tina (Fey) did Sarah Palin," Moynihan said. "And I was in the audience for Sean Spicer, when Melissa (McCarthy) did that ... I was glad I got to be there for it."