Saturday Night Live last night mocked President Obama, shown campaigning in a town hall meeting with Ohio voters.

As voters question Obama about the economy, he tries to explain that things aren’t that bad.

“I’m sure there are success stories out there,” Obama insists. “A show of hands,  who here has created a business in the past four years?”

When no one raises their hands, Obama asks the crowd to raise their hands if they even have a job.

One man explains that he is a manager at Burgers King, but adds that he was once the vice-president for Bank of America. Another woman explains that she works for the “Apple store” selling apples in a shack by the highway.

“I promise you things are much better,” Obama insists. “Surely someone here has a job that wasn’t around in 2008.”

One man volunteers to say that he now “chases raccoons out of foreclosed homes.”

Another man explains that he made a lot of money last year from a lawsuit even though he doesn’t have a job.