President Obama has finally said in public what some of the public have been whispering for years: He's got an easy press corps.

Opening a fundraising address late Monday in Beverly Hills, Obama said he was thrilled to be back in the company of former Los Angeles Lakers star Magic Johnson, which was of interest to a reporter and Obama biographer traveling with the president.

“I've got a wonderful writer, David Remnick, who's following me around right now, and he actually started as a sports reporter before he became the editor of the New Yorker,” explained Obama.

“So not surprisingly, even though he was supposed to be asking me about Iran, as we were driving over here he starts saying, ‘So what about Magic?' ”

As the crowd laughed, the president offered up the Pulitzer Prize winner’s second question. "What does this mean to you?"

Obama deadpanned: “I said, first of all, understand I was a 76ers fan.”

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