Vice President Joe Biden is playing the role of President Obama’s pitch man in advance of the State of the Union address Tuesday night, promoting the “free” stuff the White House is offering to build support for the agenda called “DOA” by the GOP.

In a State of the Union address fundraising email for the Democratic Party, Biden pushed the promise of free community college and better high-speed internet.

He did not mention the proposed $320 billion in taxes the White House is also heralding.

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From Biden:

Friend --

Tonight, Barack will give a State of the Union address to the last Congress he'll serve with -- and it's gonna be good.

You'll want to tune in.

Everything the President proposes tonight is ambitious, but doable -- like two years of free community college for everyone who will go there and work hard, better high speed internet access for more Americans, making homeownership more accessible and affordable, and more of the things we've always wanted to achieve.

So keep this email on hand while you watch, and if you're feeling fired up to go make these things happen, just chip in.

I'll keep you updated -- but I have to run. See you tonight,


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