Brand new day

“I think Republicans will not win again in my lifetime for the presidency unless they become a new GOP, a new Republican Party.”

- Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.

Hugs and kisses

"Let me be the first to say Happy Valentine's Day to our fearless leader Nancy Pelosi."

- President Obama, at a retreat for House Democrats

Why bother?

“But I would say, you know, if you’re getting married — why are you getting married? Why would you get married? Why would anybody get married? In that the person that they love so much, that was irresistible, that they had to get married?”

- Rep. Nancy Pelosi, R-Calif

Debt dealings

"It has become apparent to me, the single thing that Republican politicians hate and fear the most, and that is when they are forced to tell the truth. It makes their heads explode."

- Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas

Tough vote

“I must say that it was a very courageous act, especially Sen. McConnell, who — as you well know — is in a very tough race.”

- Sen. John McCain praises Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's vote to increase the debt limit

Tea Party fan

“Every political party has elements within it that present challenges. I believe that the Tea Party, in the main, represents some of the best of Republican principles: lower taxes, smaller government, restrained government.”

- Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., at the Economic Club of Chicago