Jose Canseco seems like the ultimate dinner party guest. He has a wide range of interests including ancient dinosaurs, the Russian meteor, cricket, the sequester and Dick Lugar. Also, his Twitter picture is a really big dog. Is there any other choice?"

- BuzzFeed publicist Ashley McCollum explaining why her news organization decided to ask, via Twitter, the retired baseball player to be its guest at this year's White House Correspondents' Dinner. Canseco was all about it and BuzzFeed's intentions were pure. They plan to reach out to Canseco's people. If the WHCD doesn't work out, Republican consultant Ron Bonjean chimed in that he'd be happy to have Canseco attend this year's holiday party. In past years, Bonjean has hosted Gary Busey, Erik Estrada and "Saved by the Bell" actor Dennis Haskins at his Alexandria home. "I have been quickly informed that if you will be there, so will Sen. Dick Lugar," Bonjean promised.