"No. I'll hold off."

- What Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., says he told the three angels standing at the foot of his bed beckoning him to join them after he suffered a massive stroke last January, according to his local Illinois newspaper the Daily Herald. The Herald conducted the first lengthy interview with Kirk since the stroke, which affected the left side of his body. "My left leg was like a dead tuna that was stapled to my hip," he told the Herald. "I had to use my hip to swing forward. The day that I figured it out, I couldn't stop walking." The experience left the Republican senator more religious and more determined, he said. On Thursday, as the 113th Congress commences, he plans to walk the 45 steps of the Capitol Building without help from a handrail and he has his daily commute to the Senate floor mapped out. "Leave the elevator, turn right, walk into the chamber, up three stairs," Kirk noted. "That area is open to the public and there are lots of reporters there and flip phones. I figured I'm going to have to get this right."

(h/t In The Know)