TAMPA, Fla. - House Speaker John Boehner has an idea to put more zip into the presidential nominating conventions: cut them short and trim party platforms to just one page.

On the same day that Pew Research Center for the People found that more Americans are interested in the party platform than Mitt Romney's acceptance speech, Boehner verbalized what many already feel about conventions and platforms.

"I think it's a very expensive proposition to put on," said Boehner of conventions. "I think that given as much news as people get today and the way they get their news, I'm not sure that having a four-day convention for the future makes a lot of sense."

The GOP convention was cut to three days out of concern Hurricane Isaac would hit Tampa, which it didn't. The Democrats earlier cut theirs to three days and Boehner said that the parties should consider scheduling changes.

"I'm sure that the RNC (Republican National Committee) and the Democratic National Committee will assess whether this type of event is worth the tremendous resources that are put into it," said the blunt-talking speaker.

Then he turned to the party platform, which takes weeks to develop but which few Americans ever read. "If it were up to me, I'd have a platform on one sheet of paper," said Boehner during a media lunch sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor. He added: "Have you ever met anybody who has read the party platform? I've never met anybody."

A change might make it more attractive to Americans, he added. "We ought to have a one page party platform, that way Americans might actually read it."

Pew reported Monday afternoon that 52% of the nation is interested in learning about the Republican Party's platform, while 44% are interested in Romney's acceptance speech and 46% in Ryan's convention speech.