Top Republicans Wednesday said that President-elect Donald Trump's big electoral victory provided the "coattails" to save the House and Senate GOP majorities.

"Much of that is thanks to Donald Trump," House Speaker Paul Ryan said at a press conference in his home of Janesville, Wisc. "It helped us keep our majorities."

He cited Trump's "strong coattails" to help bring struggling Republicans, especially incumbents like Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, across the finish line first.

Republican strategist Ron Bonjean told Secrets, "Republicans are largely going to fall in line with a new Trump White House because of his overwhelming victory and many people who have been hesitant to support him will be quickly angling for new jobs working in upcoming administration."

He added, "Even though many GOP incumbents ran solid races across the board, many of those in toss up states like Wisconsin, Missouri and Pennsylvania owe a large part of their victory to Trump voters."

Ryan said that the election went so well in keeping the GOP in charge of the House and Senate that Trump has a mandate "to big and to go bold."

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