Smithsonian Magazine got an early look at "Lincoln," the historical flick starring Daniel Day-Lewis debuting later this month, and it seems history buffs will be pleased with the details. Director Steven Spielberg got it all right -- down to the round black hairpiece on Tommy Lee Jones' head, a replica of the one worn by his character, Thaddeus Stevens.

Spielberg told Smithsonian that he considered Liam Neeson for the lead role because at 6-foot-4, Neeson exactly matches President Lincoln's height. "But this is Daniel's role," he said, even though Day-Lewis comes up 2.5 inches short.

Everyone on set addressed Day-Lewis as "Mr. Lincoln" or "Mr. President," at the request of Spielberg. "I addressed all the actors pretty much by the roles they were playing," he said, something he's never required on other films he directed. "When actors stepped off the set, they could be whoever they felt they needed to be, but physically on the set, I wanted everybody to be in an authentic mood."