The nation is deeply divided over patriotism, what it means to be an “American,” and even what businesses are pro-U.S., according to a new national survey.

The comprehensive poll released Friday found the biggest split yet between liberals and conservatives over how they view the U.S. — and even if they want to stay in America. For example, nearly 20 percent of liberals want to live in another country, while only 5 percent of conservatives agree.

How political opposites associate patriotism, from the Ear to the Ground Listening Project poll.

And 65 percent of conservatives said that they are “proud to be Americans,” but just 37 percent of liberals agree.

The country, said poll sponsor Anne Sorock, executive director, Ear to the Ground Listening Project, “is fractured.”

The survey and report, titled The Tale of Two Patriotisms, found that most feel patriotism is in decline in America, though far more conservative than liberals agreed.

And the political opposites couldn’t agree on what groups or businesses are patriotic. For example, liberals cited the Democratic Party, the NFL and Planned Parenthood as patriots. Conservatives cited the NRA, Hobby Lobby and Chick-Fil-A.

Even President Trump’s iconic “Make America Great Again” red hat is controversial, with only 22 percent saying they would feel safe wearing it.

From the report:

  • 65% of conservatives say is it “completely accurate” to say they are proud to be American; 37% of liberals feel the same way.
  • 18% of liberals would prefer to live in another country, compared to 5% of conservatives.
  • Overall, Freedom of speech was considered the most meaningful of the components of patriotism tested, with nearly nine out of ten adults (87%) saying it was very meaningful to them, personally.
  • Liberals were 20 points less likely to consider citizenship personally very meaningful and 27 points less likely to assign high value to the right to bear arms.
  • Liberals were even less likely to attach meaning to the American flag (30 points less), the pledge of allegiance (33 points lower), the national anthem (36 points lower), and the Bible (38 points lower).

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