Oh, that’s not actually a spoiler?

Calling the annual Conservative Political Action Conference an “agenda-setting moment” for Republicans, the Democratic National Committee set out to disparage conservatism while riling up its base.

“Over the next few days, Republican Party leaders, prospective presidential candidates, Members of Congress, top activists and conspiracy theorists will gather to plan and discuss the future of the conservative moment,” a DNC memo said.

CPAC isn’t exactly a planning session. It’s more of a gathering session to energize conservative activists and teach them how to influence voters, sell free-market ideas and recruit others to do the same.

But okay, let’s say CPAC is a place for conservatives to plan the future of the party.

The DNC pretends that while Democrats met for a winter meeting to discuss “ways to expand opportunity for all Americans,” conservatives are just holding CPAC.

Not true. The Republican National Committee held its winter meeting a month earlier, where it focused on winning elections.

And what does the DNC think conservatives are talking about instead of ideas for the country?

Obamacare, how conservatism is right for women and using technology. Really sketchy stuff.

But how is talking about health care reform beyond the failure of Obamacare, working to get more women to understand that Republicans are not waging a “war on women” and using technology not about the future of the movement? And how are those things not for the benefit of the country?

The DNC memo predictably claims that Republicans are trying to court the “far-right above all,” despite listing a few paragraphs earlier that centrist Republicans like Chris Christie and Paul Ryan will be speaking.

(Oh, and don’t forget a dig at the Koch brothers, because what Democratic memo would be complete without attacking private citizens they disagree with?)

Perhaps the DNC should focus a little less on what Republicans are doing and focus more on jobs and the economy (which still isn't doing so great).