The Duffel Blog strikes again.

The satirical website run by and for military folks has from time to time fooled reporters who aren't well versed in military and veterans affairs. On Wednesday, the joke reached a whole new level, when Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., was forced to issue a statement to ward off furious voters.

Moran was described in the blog Tuesday as the sponsor of "The Fortify & Unite Communities to Keep Veterans' External Threats Secure Act (H.R. 1874) which ... would require military veterans to register with the Department of Homeland Security and periodically 'check-in' with a case officer, in addition to going door-to-door in their neighborhood to notify people nearby that they are a powder keg of post traumatic stress, alcoholism, murder, and hate just waiting to blow."

The piece was one of several spoofs by the Duffel Blog of the ridiculous and ignorant stereotyping of veterans in some news media that followed the April 2 shooting at Fort Hood, Texas.

But, as in the past, some took it seriously.

"The satirical website ‘' recently posted an article detailing fake legislation that portrayed our nation's veterans suffering from PTSD in a negative, hurtful, and deliberately provocative light," Moran said in a statement.

"My office has received a number of calls and emails regarding the posting, and given the speed with which false information can spread virally, I wanted to make clear that the article is false and the website is a spoof."