The Clinton campaign has seized a liberal CNN pundit's short video of a Trump rally to claim that the Republican's supporters, already dismissed as "deplorables" and "rednecks" by the Clintons, have a new and disturbing chant: "Hang her in the streets."

However the video, posted on Twitter by commentator Sally Kohn, records just one person saying the chant, and clearly out of distance of Trump who at the time was promising to investigate Clinton's email scandal if elected.

But in a fundraising letter just issued, the Clinton campaign said:

The night after the debate, Donald Trump held a rally, and footage someone took with their phone was posted online. As the crowd started its familiar chants of "lock her up," Trump renewed his claim that he'd appoint a special prosecutor to go after Hillary.

The crowd cheered wildly, and then voices throughout the audience started to yell: "Hang her in the streets."

Trump's response? Did he shush them? Tell them that threats and jeers have no place in our politics? Ask them to leave?

Of course not. He said nothing — then told the crowd that he's never been so ashamed of our country than he was of Hillary.

Kohn's words accompanying her tweeted video said, "Some raw unedited footage from Trump rally yesterday, including chants of 'Hang her in the streets.'"

But only one chant is heard at the end.

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