The latest sleek hotel in Georgetown, the Capella (1050 31st St. NW), kicks it up a notch by introducing the Grill Room and the Rye Bar. The hotel's new sophisticated restaurant features a beautiful canal-front patio where guests can enjoy speciality hand-cut meats, bracingly fresh seafood and rare rye whiskies. Swedish chef Jakob Esko has prepared a creative yet uncomplicated menu that showcases dishes such as the succulent American wagyu served with pancetta and onion tart, as well as steak tartare prepared tableside with course mustard and locally made Gordy's Pickles. The menu is complemented with hand-picked beverages highlighting wines from around the world.

Adjacent to the restaurant is the Rye Bar, which houses creative bar fare, craft and barrel-aged cocktails and a selection of rare rye whiskies.

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The Phillips Collection is taking on the world of frozen custard. They are partnering with Shake Shack to create an all new frozen custard exhibition called "Angels, Demons & Sweets" inspired by one of the museum's current exhibitions starring three abstract expressionists -- Jackson Pollock, Alfonso Ossorio and Jean Dubuffet. Shake Shack's culinary development manager, Mark Rosati, read up on his art history in order to create the inspired Shack Custard Collection that features the Abstract Espressonist, Shackson Pollock and the Salted Surrealism. (We applaud the creativity!)

Shake Shack will feature one flavor per week at its Dupont location (1216 18th St. NW), then the flavors will battle it out at Phillips After 5 on May 2, where you'll get to vote for your favorite.

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