You can win our hearts here at Spotlight by combining one of our favorite springtime ingredients with a splash of fun, which is what BLT Steak's ramp menu does. Come on, drinks called the Lady & the Ramp and Ramp Stamp? Done.

While we're not usually big fans of prix fixe menus -- beyond the cost, we like choice -- chef Jon Mathieson has created a special four-course menu featuring everything from grilled ramps to ramp sauces and ramp chutneys, so we'll concede with this one. But, let's back up for those of you who we're about to lose because ramp is just an upward slope.

In the food world, ramps are garlicky wild onions or leeks and the short harvest is one of spring's most highly-anticipated arrivals for garlic lovers. And you really have to love the ingredient to find it in your martini glass, which BLT is doing by poaching the ramps in a housemade sweet, herbal vermouth concoction as well as house-pickled ramp juice.

BLT Steak's (1625 I St. NW) tasting menu is available during dinner for $70 per person.


One of the best assets of the much-loved Et Voila! Belgian Eatery (5120 MacArthur Blvd. NW) is its quaint location in charming Palisades. Yet, that is also one of its greatest challenges. While it is a stunning setting, getting to the Palisades is not always easy. Taking on that challenge, Et Voila! has partnered with Uber to increase ease of access to Et Voila's menu of plump, savory mussels, hearty stews and authentic Belgian fare.

With the ability to request a private driver on demand via the Uber app at a deeply discounted price (use promo code ETVOILA), as well as complimentary bubbly once you arrive at the restaurant, it makes a wonderful date night this spring.

Now you have no excuse not to try the Belgian-French fare prepared by award-winning chef Claudio Pirollo, featuring Belgian staples such as the beef carbonnade or mussels and frites Belges, or one of the restaurant's delicious desserts, including classic profiteroles or tarte aux poires, grandma's almond cream pear tart.

For more information, visit etvoiladc.com.