Beer fanatics are going to love this next event from National Geographic (1600 M St. NW). Garrett Oliver, brewmaster of the Brooklyn Brewery and editor-in-chief of the Oxford Companion to Beer, will be hosting Geographic's popular spring event titled "Beer From Where??" Attendees will embark on an exciting exploration of the world of beer and will get to try a variety of beers from some of the most unlikely beer-producing spots on Earth. This year's tasting aligns with Geographic's 125th anniversary theme, "A new age of exploration." And what would a tasting be without a little food to clear the palate? There will be delicious local breads, sausages and cheeses available as you sip your rare beer.

Tickets are $89 at The tasting starts at 7 p.m.!


Almost anyone can spot a portrait by Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. She's famous for her self-portraits that often entail bright colors, dramatic symbolism and, of course, her long, accentuated eyebrows. Her work was inspired by personal and often painful experiences, including her fateful marriage with famous Mexican painter Diego Rivera, her miscarriages and her lifelong health problems.

Dancer and choreographer Aurelien Kairo of Compagnie De Fakto and a team of dancers will portray Kahlo's tumultuous life through dance called "La Nina de la Casa Azul." Kairo has spent his entire career studying historical figures whose lives have been touched by anguish. The performance will demonstrate how Kahlo used her pain as an inspiration for her life's work.

The show will be held at Montgomery College Cultural Arts Center (7995 Georgia Ave.) at 8 p.m. Tickets are $20. More information is available at


Here's some pre-Preakness trivia: Did you know that there is not a single opportunity in the District to play and win a horse racing themed game? The D.C. Lottery (40 Massachusetts Ave. NE) is climbing into the saddle, so to speak, for a "Day at the Derby," which will showcase the interactive horse racing game called Race2Riches. They'll also be offering the Triple Crown Tripler promotion that just might triple your winnings! Two $250 prizes will be awarded that will feature the best Derby hat for women and the best GQ Derby suit for men.

Head over to the West side of Union Station from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. for your chance to play!