Attorney General Jeff Sessions, loved then scorned by President Trump, is back to being friends with the president.

He joined a few pals, top aides and family at Trump's eclipse party on Monday afternoon. In a picture tweeted out by first daughter Ivanka Trump, Sessions was just one of six shown -- including the president and first lady -- on a White House balcony viewing the eclipse.

Some reporters snapped photos of a happy-looking Sessions in his eclipse glasses.

His was a special invitation made on Monday. Word is the attorney general planned to watch the eclipse from the Justice Department. But the White House called him with the invitation, but added that he had to show up with his own special watching glasses.

"It was BYOG—so we sent him with glasses!" said an aide.

And the White House press pool wrote:

"The pool, provided with eclipse glasses by the White House was escorted through the Palm Room doors and on to the South Lawn facing the White House at 2:19. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Attorney General Jeff Sessions were all on the Blue Room Balcony talking and viewing the eclipse. In particular, Attorney General Sessions was eagerly viewing the natural phenomenon. Kellyanne Conway was briefly spotted on the balcony as well. At 2:27, Ivanka Trump joined them on the balcony and, at 2:30, about 100 Executive Branch staffers walked out in front of the White House to view the eclipse. Your pooler spotted new White House communications director Hope Hicks as well as White House aide Omarosa Manigault in this group.

"At 2:38, the President, the First Lady and Barron Trump walked onto the Blue Room Balcony. The President was wearing a suit with a blue and white striped tie, the First Lady was wearing a black dress and Barron Trump was wearing what appeared to be tennis whites. The President waved and gestured at the crowd and occasionally made inaudible comments. When one reporter asked him "How's the view," the President responded with a thumbs up gesture. At approximately 2:41 PM, almost at the eclipse's apex, the President put on glasses and stood next to the First Lady observing the eclipse for approximately 90 seconds. Barron Trump joined them briefly as well."

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