Sen. Rand Paul R-Ky. supporters are swarming CPAC this year handing out ‘Stand With Rand’ posters, T-shirts, and stickers in advance of his speech that is about to begin.

I spoke with Young Americans for Liberty president Ed King who is working with a large group of volunteers to pass out the Rand Paul materials. King was a former youth outreach director for Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign.

The edgy “Mad Men” inspired graphics posters were provided by Rand PAC, King explained, and added that he had no problem gathering a group of volunteers to pass it along.

“We’re just here to hand out T-shirts and the placards and the stickers to people who support Rand Paul and his message of constitutionally limited government,” he said simply.

Signs are technically banned from the CPAC conference ballroom during speeches, but the “Stand with Rand” gear is one of the more popular items spotted on the conference floor.