The Yeas

» The "alternative" BuzzFeed BBQ party.
» Kevin Spacey hosting the pretaped "House of Cards" spoof called "House of Nerds," with cameos from everyone from White House press secretary Jay Carney to Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

» Actor Corey Stoll, who plays Rep. Peter Russo in "House of Cards," was especially happy to meet David Carr. "I read his memoir about his addiction and his recovery, and that was like a really big part of my preparation for the role," Stoll said.

» Rachel Maddow's strong pour at the MSNBC afterparty. The MSNBC host admitted she never recognizes celebrities and told us her strategy is to "bully people into drinking what I think they ought to drink."

» Both Bill Burton and "Modern Family" star Eric Stonestreet helping keep MSNBC's dance floor alive well past 3 a.m.

» Celebs on a bus: The Creative Coalition's solution for corralling TV stars, including Tracy Morgan, Josh Radnor, Leslie David Baker, Tim Daly, Beth Behrs and Kevin McHale, was renting a luxury bus to take them to Capitol Hill and then dinner at Neyla.

The Nays

» The line for the BuzzFeed BBQ party (and the fact that BBQ meant sliders and chicken on a stick).
» Greta Van Susteren missing the dinner. The Fox News personality did dip into Friday night's Creative Coalition dinner and Saturday's Garden Brunch but, unlike in years past, didn't have the weekend's most talk-worthy star in tow. Next year, she's aiming high: "I'd like to bring President Bashir of Sudan in [criminal] handcuffs," she told reporters.

» Not enough guests keeping it real like "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson, who wore a bandana with his tux to dinner.

» Sandra Fluke, back in town from LA, lurked around the edges of several parties -- the New Republic's new office opening Friday and Capitol File's afterparty -- apparently not looking to make new friends.

» Past WHCD party guest Sarah Palin slammed current guests as slackers in a tweet Saturday: "The rest of America is out there working our asses off while these DC assclowns throw themselves a #nerdprom."