State Department bureaucrats in charge of helping international refugees are bragging that they helped resettle millions by the end of the Obama administration, "more than 10 times the population of Pittsburgh!"

Since 1975, the 130-member Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration said in a web graphic that ot had brought in 3.3 million.

And in fiscal 2016 alone, they "contributed" $3.4 billion to "humanitarian efforts globally, the majority of which went to overseas humanitarian assistance and refugee resettlement."

The report ends with the last year of former President Obama's eight years, during which he sought to increase the number of refugees coming to the United States, a policy President Trump has pledged to reverse.

The "Year in Review" graphic, pointed out by several immigration bloggers including Refugee Resettlement Watch, shows what the U.S. did to help refugees in the past year and who got taxpayer money. Refugee Resettlement Watch noted Monday that the U.S. has nearly reached Trump's cap of 50,000.

Under the title, "What kind of help does our funding provide?" the agency details "shelter and education," "Food & Water," "Protection," and "Resettlement." It notes that "the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program gives the world's most vulnerable refugees a safe new beginning, far from violence and persecution."

It also details which agencies get U.S. funding, including the United Nations.

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