State Department officials released two classified emails from Hillary Clinton's unauthorized private email server Friday from a batch of records recovered by the FBI.

The pair of classified emails discussed sensitive material related to the United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan.

Both emails were upgraded to the "confidential" level — the lowest level of classification. They were included among 74 emails made public Friday by the State Department after the FBI recovered them during its year-long investigation of Clinton's server.

One email, written in Nov. 2010, discussed the topics Clinton would go over with Afghan President Hamid Karzai on an upcoming phone call.

The other, also written in Nov. 2010, discussed topics to address with the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates on another upcoming phone call.

The two records suggest Clinton deleted potentially classified information from her server despite asserting repeatedly that she had turned over everything work-related to the server.

The batch of emails made public Friday marked the final release of Clinton documents before Election Day.

It was the 19th time the State Department had posted a trove of Clinton's emails online since the start of her campaign. From May 2015 until February, the publication of Clinton's emails became a monthly ritual.

A court has ordered the State Department to publish the remainder of Clinton's deleted emails on a monthly basis after Tuesday.

Of the 15,000 emails FBI agents recovered off Clinton's devices, roughly 5,600 of them were work-related. Of those, up to half were duplicates of emails already released by the State Department.

That means FBI agents were able to recover at least 2,800 work-related emails that Clinton never disclosed.