State Department officials published 342 pages of Hillary Clinton's private emails Monday, the third such batch of records released since her defeat in the presidential election.

FBI agents recovered the roughly 80 emails included in the pages from Clinton's private server during their year-long investigation of her treatment of classified information. A federal court asked the State Department to continue publishing those records, which the FBI turned over in July, on a monthly basis after it rushed to screen as many emails as possible before the election.

Many of the emails released Monday were nearly identical to emails already published by the State Department during the roughly eight months between May 2015 and February of this year that the agency posted from the troves of the emails Clinton designated as work-related and turned over in late 2014.

But the emails presently streaming out of the State Department were not included in the original batch of 30,000 records. Clinton deleted these along with thousands of other emails she deemed personal in nature. Agents later identified them as official documents.