A pair of watchdog groups are asking a federal judge to force the government to recover the more than 30,000 emails Hillary Clinton deleted from her private email server in December 2014.

In documents filed with the court Monday, Cause of Action, a nonpartisan oversight group, and Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog, argued Clinton and her aides violated the Federal Records Act by selecting which emails they wanted to turn over and deleting the rest.

The effort to withhold thousands of records from the State Department and the National Archives prevented government officials from fulfilling Freedom of Information Act requests during and shortly after Clinton's diplomatic tenure.

Attorneys for Cause of Action and Judicial Watch asked the government to remedy the "unlawful removal, by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, of federal records from the custody of the United States Department of State."

The two watchdog groups pressed the court to consider compelling the attorney general to facilitate a full accounting for Clinton's records from her years as secretary of state rather than simply accepting the stacks of printed pages she turned over as the official set of records.

"[A]ny record emails deleted from Secretary Clinton's server also should be recovered to the extent technically possible," Cause of Action and Judicial Watch argued in the documents jointly filed Monday.

The case was dismissed in January and is presently under appeal.

Attorneys for the watchdog groups noted Secretary of State John Kerry has shied away from pushing Clinton and her legal team to provide more details about the thousands of emails they deemed personal in nature.

"[N]either Secretary Kerry nor his agency has used the force of law to compel Secretary Clinton or other parties in possession of unlawfully removed records to return those records to their proper home," the filings said. "As a result, the copies of the records returned to date are neither complete nor accurate."