It may look boring, but state and local government jobs are the best place to cash in.

For proof, here's the latest U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics headline: "State and local government compensation costs averaged $41.56 per hour worked in Sept 2012."

That's a whopping 43 percent more in wages and benefits than private workers get at $28.97. And it comes with much better job security.

BLS figures show that the great benefit of working for state and local governments is much like having Uncle Sam sign the paycheck: Benefits are better. Of that $41.56 an hour wage, $26.91 is in wages, $14.56 in benefits. Private employers provide less, said the agency.

Working in top state or local slots is the best bet. Management and professional jobs averaged $50.43 per hour in wages and benefits. BLS said that approximately half of all state employees are at that level. Those in clerical jobs get paid like private workers: an average of $28.97 in wages and benefits.