"Late Show" host Stephen Colbert got sidetracked from what would be Thursday’s “biggest story in the news,” tax reform, in order to talk about Disney’s upcoming live-action “The Lion King” remake.

“The latest chop at the tee-ball is tax reform. Today, they announced a one and a half trillion overhaul of the tax code, with major tax cuts for corporations and the rich,” Colbert said. “This is the the biggest story in the news, or it would be, if we hadn’t just learned that Beyonce will be starring in the new 'Lion King'!”

House Republicans unveiled their tax reform plan on Thursday, which aims to slash the corporate tax rate and reduce the number of income tax brackets while eliminating state and local tax deductions.

Colbert attempted to dive back into the plan's tax bracket changes, but again found himself talking about "The Lion King," this time lauding his former Comedy Central colleague John Oliver for getting a role in the film.

The Disney film also stars James Earl Jones as Mufasa, reprising his role in the 1994 animated original. The film is set to be released in the summer of 2019.

Watch the full clip below.