A super PAC aligned with former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon released its first TV ad Thursday targeting Doug Jones, the Democratic nominee for Alabama's Senate seat, for holding "deceptive" views on abortion.

Jones, 63, is running against former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who soundly defeated incumbent Republican Sen. Luther Strange in a runoff election last month and is poised to win the seat in December's general election.

Bannon publicly endorsed Moore in the weeks leading up to the run-off and flooded the airwaves with anti-Strange ads produced by his super PAC, the Great America Alliance. Now, the outside group is turning its attention to Jones by claiming the former U.S. attorney is "completely out of step with Alabama values" because of his position on abortion.

The new 30-second spot features a soundbite in which Jones describes himself as a "right-to-lifer" only after a baby has been born.

"Claiming to be 'right to life' when he holds such extreme views on abortion is absurd and insults the intelligence of voters he claims he wants to represent," Eric Beach, co-chair of Great America Alliance, said in a statement.

A source close to Bannon said the ad is the beginning of an aggressive campaign against Jones, both of whom stood at 42 percent support in a Fox News poll published Tuesday.

The ad is set to run digitally through the end of the week before hitting the airwaves in Alabama next week.