Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon joked that Hillary Clinton got her “ass kicked” as he mocked her new memoir, What Happened.

"Here's what a phony she is. She just wrote another 900-page book. Right? Didn't she just write another 900-page book?” Bannon said at a Citadel Republican Society event in South Carolina on Friday night. “By the way, this is a way to compensate her. Why don't big publishing companies, big media companies, just write her a big check and say ‘don't write anymore books,’ just give her another $10 million. The thing was – What Happened? Ma'am, with all due respect, and I really mean this, what happened? You got your ass kicked.”

Cheers ensued, which prompted Bannon to say: "Okay, okay. I know I'm going to get lit up on CNN in a moment."

“I was just kidding, just some humor," he added, shaking his head.

Clinton's book was released Sept. 12 and recounts her journey during the 2016 election.

Clinton has cast blame for her 2016 loss on a number of people and other factors, including former FBI Director James Comey, the media, and the Electoral College.

Bannon returned to his post as executive chairman of Breitbart News after he left the White House in August. He had served as President Trump's campaign as chief executive officer in the 2016 campaign's final months.