Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon charged in a new book that the press used an incident between President Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields in order to try to destroy Trump's candidacy.

"I thought the Michelle Fields thing, as history has shown, was totally overblown," he said in Bannon: Always the Rebel, by former Washington Examiner editor Keith Koffler. "And it also shows you the snowflake nature of the media. The meltdown the media had on this was all about getting Corey out as campaign manager because they wanted to destroy Trump."

It was in March last year that Fields filed battery charges against Lewandowski in Florida after video showed him pulling her arm after a press conference by then-candidate Trump.

Under Bannon, Breitbart's news content was fully supportive of Trump and the website took the celebrity businessman's side in the altercation, which led Fields to resign.

Fields gave multiple national news interviews telling her side of the story but prosecutors ended up dropping the charges against Lewandowski, who pleaded not guilty.

"And I just thought it was a total joke," Bannon said in the book, which published Sunday. "And by the way, it's part of the reason I have such complete contempt for the mainstream media. Because this has nothing to do with Michelle Fields, she was used."

Bannon left his role in the White House in August and has returned to running Breitbart.

Fields did not return a request for comment Tuesday from the Washington Examiner.