Steve Bannon offered to stump for Republican candidate for Virginia governor, Ed Gillespie, but Gillespie's campaign declined, according to multiple reports.

The decision, which preceded Democratic opponent Lt. Governor Ralph Northam trouncing Gillespie at the polls on Tuesday, left Bannon's camp fuming, per the ABC.

Bannon was also frustrated with Gillespie's refusal to appear on his Breitbart radio show or do any interviews with the conservative media outlet, the Daily Beast reported.

“Ed Gillespie had no message, was inauthentic, spoke from both sides of his mouth, and at the end of the day, even the deplorables couldn’t save him,” Andrew Surabian, Bannon’s political adviser, told the Daily Beast on Tuesday. “Gillespie campaigned with George W. Bush, [but] ran from President Trump.”

While some criticized Gillespie for veering to the right and engaging in culture-war rhetoric after he defeated Corey Stewart — his Republican primary challenger and Prince William County Board of Supervisors chair — the lobbyist, former Republican National Committee chair, and President George W. Bush administration alum did not go “full Trump,” Surabian said.

Despite embracing President Trump via rallying points, like preserving Confederate statues, dismantling sanctuary cities, and criticizing NFL player protesters, Gillespie did not appear alongside the president on the trail.

Though Trump recorded a robocall and tweeted in support of Gillespie in recent days, he quickly distanced himself from the candidate after his election loss. He "did not embrace me or what I stand for," Trump tweeted Tuesday night.

Bannon has said he is waging war against the Republican establishment, backing successful insurgent candidate Roy Moore over Trump's choice Luther Strange in the GOP's Alabama Senate primary.