Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon mocked President Trump on Wednesday for backing the so-called Republican establishment favorite Luther Strange over Roy Moore in the GOP's Alabama U.S. Senate seat runoff.

"We're 6-0 in these elections," Bannon told Sirius XM's "Breitbart News Daily," referring to "we, the people" and the slew of special elections held under the Trump administration. "President Trump is 5-1. Oops! Did I say that? 5-1."

Moore won the contest with about 54.6 percent to Strange's 45.4 percent, per the Associated Press.

Bannon, who returned to Breitbart News as chairman right after his departure from the White House, warned Trump to heed the base that propelled him to victory in November.

"Do not get on the wrong side of the football of your base. Listen to the people, please," Bannon said. "I know all the troublemakers at Politico and Axios are going to be tweeting that out so the president sees it."

The Alabama runoff for U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions' old seat caused a rift between Trump and his traditional supporters.

Bannon, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and Secretary for Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson endorsed Moore, while the president appeared at a rally for incumbent Strange.

Trump on Wednesday extended his congratulations to Moore in an early morning tweet.

"Spoke to Roy Moore of Alabama last night for the first time," the president wrote on Twitter. "Sounds like a really great guy who ran a fantastic race. He will help to #MAGA!"