Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon will meet with special counsel Robert Mueller’s team, a move that will allow him to avoid testifying before a grand jury.

The interview date is unclear, but Bannon is expected to cooperate with the special counsel, the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

Bannon, who appeared before the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, has been embroiled in a messy back-and-forth with President Trump and the White House following his departure from the administration in August.

According to reports, Bannon refused to answer lawmakers’ questions about his time working on Trump’s transition team, claiming executive privilege. That caused lawmakers to serve him with a subpoena during his 10 hour interview Tuesday.

His lawyer also relayed questions to the White House during the House Intelligence Committee hearing, in order to see whether Bannon was able to answer each question asked. The AP reported that Bannon was instructed not to talk about his work either on the transition team or during the Trump administration.

Bannon, who was removed from his post atop Breitbart News this month, was also served with another subpoena, from Mueller, on Tuesday.