Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon condemned the “anti-patriarchy movement” in a new edition of the Devil’s Bargain, and claimed that the movement would unravel years of history.

A preface of the paperback version book, which is slated to be released on Tuesday, recounts author and Bloomberg journalist Josh Green’s experience watching the Golden Globes with Bannon last month, CNN reported Friday.

"The anti-patriarchy movement is going to undo ten thousand years of recorded history," Bannon said, referencing the movement of speaking out against sexual assault and harassment.

At the Golden Globes, many celebrities decided to wear all black to stand in solidarity with victims of sexual harassment or assault, including entertainment star Oprah Winfrey.

Winfrey delivered a speech in which she expressed her support for women who have encountered sexual harassment and assault, noting the courage displayed by women who have shared their stories.

According to Green, Bannon said that Winfrey could put Trump’s presidency in jeopardy should she attempt to influence the 2018 elections. Bannon reportedly told Green that if Democrats took over the House, with the assistance of Winfrey’s activism, Democrats could impeach Trump.

"You watch. The time has come. Women are gonna take charge of society," Bannon said, according to Green. "And they couldn't juxtapose a better villain than Trump. He is the patriarch.”

Bannon added that the Golden Globe Awards "is a definitional moment in the culture. It'll never be the same going forward."

Another recently released book that contained quotes from Bannon, White House tell-all Fire and Fury, sent shockwaves throughout the political world. Fallout from the book led Trump to denounce Bannon after it was revealed his former adviser said unflattering things about Trump’s family.

Bannon was later ousted from his post as executive chairman of Breitbart News amid the controversy.