Do you think your insurance is going to rise a lot next year?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services posted insurers' rate increases of 10 percent or more for 2016 on Monday. Consumers can search for the increases by going to

The website only has rates for plans available in the marketplace exchanges. The premiums for insurers that operate in state-run exchanges will be available later this summer.

The website includes two types of plans: those compliant with Obamacare's requirements for inclusion on state and federal health exchanges that started providing coverage in 2014 and plans that began providing coverage before 2014.

Insurers predicted that most people would be enrolled in plans with a proposed rate increase of less than 10 percent, CMS said.

The increase also reflects premiums before tax credits are applied. More than eight in 10 Obamacare enrollees who selected a plan through qualified for an average tax credit of $263 per person a month, the agency added.

CMS noted that the rate increases haven't been finalized and must be published by insurers in November.

"This process allows regulators and the public to evaluate whether proposed rate increases are based on reasonable cost assumptions and gives consumers the chance to comment on proposed increases," the agency said.

All insurance companies must publicly disclose information on the final rate increases and must justify the boost.