Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, says a billboard tracking President Obama’s economic performance was taken down on Tuesday, less than a day after he put it up on the wall outside his office in Canon House Office Building.

According to Stockman’s Twitter account, the bright yellow 10-foot-long “Obama Failometer” was taken down after someone complained.

“The Obama Failometer is up! And it’s down. House official staff ordered it torn down after someone complained,” he tweeted on Tuesday morning.

The Failometer is now displayed inside Stockman’s office, but the Congressman is determined to see it back up in public.

“The Obama Failometer may not be allowed in Congress but it will be back somewhere, and bigger,” said Stockman in a statement. “Tearing it down created more labor than Obama has.”

Stockman framed the order to take down the billboard as an affront on free speech.

“Washington needs more free speech,” said Stockman. “Millions of Americans are waiting for Obama to reverse his course and create jobs. The Obama Failometer is an objective, mathematical measure of Obama’s failure to create jobs.  It is an important tool to focus attention on black and Hispanic unemployment and spur discourse on actions that create jobs for everyone.”

The Failometer calculates Obama’s economic standing using jobs data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, on a scale of one to 1,000. The president’s February ranking is 1,194.