As if Lindsay Lohan's money woes weren't bad enough, now she may lose her storage locker and have its contents auctioned off.

According to TMZ, Lindsay is $16,000 behind on the bill for a storage locker containing designer clothes, heirlooms and who knows what else.

If LiLo doesn't pay what she owes, the contents of the locker will then belong to the storage company and go up for auction.

And since the IRS has frozen Lindsay's bank accounts (she owes them a LOT of money), she may not be able to scrape together the funds to pay up and save face.

And according to TMZ, perhaps the locker contains some embarrassing items, because sources tell them LiLo has reached out to family and friends to spot her the cash, but so far, no one is willing to bail her out.

And according to Radar Online, the popular A&E show "Storage Wars" could use the good publicity if it could get its hands on the locker.

A former cast member filed a lawsuit against the show, claiming the series is fake.

He claimed show producers plant valuable items in the units to make the show more interesting and that the show rigs the bidding process.

City of brotherly love

Liam Hemsworth is letting go of the nice-guy image and showing that he can be a real street brawler.

The Aussie actor (and Miley Cyrus' fiance), 22, was leaving a bar in Philadelphia when the incident occurred.

According to Us Weekly, a drunken man allegedly threw rocks at Liam and his friends. The "Hunger Games" star then punched the man while a buddy held him down. And of course, this was all caught on video (it is 2012, after all).

Thus far, no arrests have been made.

But this isn't the first time Liam showed his tough side.

In September, he and Miley were named in an incident in Hollywood where the singer allegedly had to break up a fight between her future hubby and a clubgoer.

Labor is, well, laborious

Megan Fox is opening up about motherhood and her first experience giving birth.

"It was pretty bad," she told E! News, saying that she didn't expect the pain of childbirth to be so swift and intense.

"I didn't ease into the contractions -- they just were a level 10 right away," she said. "And I barely made it to the hospital in time to get the epidural before I started pushing. It all happened in less than four hours, which was pretty crazy."

Megan, who gave birth to son Noah in September (baby daddy is of course Brian Austin Green), told E! the pair plans to add to their brood in the future.