Adult film star Stephanie Clifford, who performed under the name Stormy Daniels, refused to directly address her alleged sexual encounter with President Trump and whether she was paid to keep quiet about the experience — but indicated Tuesday that a statement released earlier in the day denying the affair did not have her signature as it had appeared.

Clifford was a guest on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" after Trump delivered his first State of the Union address, and Kimmel pointed out that the statement Tuesday, which was obtained by BuzzFeed, had a different signature than a previous statement she had signed right after reports of the affair emerged.

“Did you sign this letter that was released today?” Kimmel asked, after showing her various signatures of hers on items such as photos that bore a resemblance to the signature on the first statement and not the new one.

“I don't know, did I?” Clifford responded.

“Doesn't look like my signature, does it?” she added.

“It doesn't look like your signature,” Kimmel said. “You're saying perhaps this letter was written and released without your approval.”

Clifford laughed off Kimmel’s question, prompting Kimmel to ask her if she knew where the letter originated.

“I do not,” Clifford said. “It came from the Internet.”

Kimmel then asked if Clifford was denying that she played a role in the statement and Clifford failed to respond directly.

“I also work for FBI and I'm a man, according to the Internet today,” Clifford quipped.

Throughout the extended interview, Clifford remain tight-lipped when answering questions about her relationship to Trump.

Kimmel also brought up an on-the-record interview about the affair Clifford did with In Touch in 2011 that was released last week. The magazine did not publish the interview immediately after Cohen claimed he would sue the organization.

Kimmel asked Clifford if she participated in the interview, to which Clifford responded: “Not as it is written.”

Kimmel then pointed out that there was a transcript and started reading it to her, despite her interjections to try to prevent him from continuing.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month that shortly before the 2016 election $130,000 had been issued to Clifford in exchange for her silence about a consensual sexual encounter with Trump in 2006, shortly after he married his current wife and now first lady Melania Trump.

Clifford and Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen have refuted the allegations that a payment was made.

Trump has denied all allegations of sexual misconduct that he encountered during the presidential campaign. The alleged sexual encounter with Clifford has not been portrayed as nonconsensual.