Internet users around the world are offering their support for the Olympic skier from Lebanon, Jackie Chamoun, who is facing outrage in her country for a topless video from three years ago.

The campaign, using the hashtag #StripForJackie, aims to call out the hypocrisy of Lebanon's Youth and Sports Minister Faisal Karami, who last year came out against a bill that would protect women from domestic violence.

Karami called the bill a “blow to family values.” Family values, of course, that allowed Manal Assi to be bludgeoned to death by her husband without fear of criminal prosecution.

Chamoun apologized for her three-year-old indiscretion on Facebook, and the post quickly gained over 16,000 “likes” and nearly 5,000 comments.

The post prompted the support campaign.

Lebanon is considered more liberal than other Arab or Muslim nations when it comes to women’s issues, but Karami seems to agree with other nations in the region that women are property and not people.