During the Q&A session after Sen. Rand Paul’s speech Wednesday at Howard University, one student explained that he was not a fan of his view of government.

“You say you want to provide a government that leaves us alone; quite frankly, I don’t want that,” the student said. “I want a government that is going to help me.”

The student insisted that he wanted assistance for his college education and asked if Rand Paul supported a culture change within the nation.

“Do you, Sen. Rand Paul, have a formulated solution to come up with new American values so that the citizens of this nation have a worth more than dead presidents and Ben Franklin?”

Paul responded that he believed that government should allow people to believe whatever they wanted, and clarified that he didn’t believe in the absence of government.

The Kentucky Republican added that he supported the idea of student loans from the government but added that the federal government shouldn’t be allowed to spend more money than it takes in.

“I think ‘leave me alone’ is a good mantra for government because government has to be involved in certain things but there are many things that we can leave government out of,” Paul concluded.