Students for a Democratic Society at the University of South Florida held an event to “bash racism and austerity” while smacking a Trump piñata on Tuesday.

Video obtained by Red Alert Politics shows a woman hitting a small Trump piñata over and over again while students stand around and cheer.

The event, according to a Facebook, was to protest President Trump “1 year after his inauguration.”

“Join us and fight back against the Trump Administration's attacks on immigrants and other marginalized people!” reads the Facebook post.

According to the University of South Florida student organization website, “Students for a Democratic Society is a student group that seeks to unite leftwing and progressive students and teach them to become organizers and activists in their communities.” They also “aim to forge relations with labor unions, fight social injustice, and fight for free public education for all students.”

Students for a Democratic Society is one of more than 600 recognized student groups at the University of South Florida, which are partially funded through a fee paid by each student.

Bailey Cunningham, chairman of the USF College Republicans, witnessed the piñata event taking place on campus and was not pleased with what she saw.

"Usually on campus, I’ll see student groups tabling or flyer-ing, trying to get students involved on campus, whether it be academic, social, or political. But in this case, I witnessed students kicking, beating, and screaming at a piñata of President Trump," Cunningham told Red Alert Politics.

"It’s disturbing to see students and student groups who supposedly condemn the rhetoric of our president and the actions of Republicans engaging in such violent behavior," she continued. "Endorsing the beating of a representation of the president of the United States is beyond reprehensible and events like this are a sign of the troubles we have at our universities across the country."

Red Alert Politics reached out to the advisor of the Students for a Democratic Society at USF but did not receive a response in time for publication.

"As a public institution, the University of South Florida values free speech. The rights of individuals and groups to voice their opinions are respected, both as part of a free exchange of ideas and through the academic process," USF Media Director Lara Wade told Red Alert Politics. "At all times, our priority is maintaining a safe campus environment, and our university police department reported no incidents or arrests related to this event."